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Hal by The Brilliant Photographer John Dempsey - Oct 2009

'Horse Whispering'
Photographer, John Dempsey


Blue Pony Farm Falabella

News Flash

Falabella: Now All Sold ......


Limelights Blue Bayou Limelights Blue Bayou Limelights Blue Bayou stands at 32½" high, is 100% Falabella and is impeccably bred and well behaved. BB is NOW SOLD
Visit BB's page for more pictures or scroll down this page for a couple of larger images of BB.


Falabella Toffee as seen on Blue Peter has been sold

falabella toffee falabella toffee Deposit taken Feb 2014 Our gorgeous little Falabella mare, Toffee was reluctantly sold (due to family and health committments). She is 100% Falabella, extremely loveable and is well behaved. Toffee is Now Sold
Visit Toffee's page for more details and pictures


Blue Pony Farm - Horse

'Snow' NOT for Sale

Snow: beautiful cremello x few-spot Appaloosa mare is a gentle all rounder. She has an amazing, safe jump and excels at cross country. She is a real confidence giver ...... read more

Blue Pony Farm is situated in the heart of the Lincolnshire Wolds in a tiny village just off the main A15. We are easily found, why not contact us to arrange a visit so we can show you our fairytale falabellas.

Please feel free to email us should you have any questions about our Fairytale Falabella horses.

We are always happy to talk with like minded enthusiasts and we look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for visiting us.

(the images below, along with many others, can be found in our Blue Pony Farm Gallery)

Changes at Blue Pony Farm -
Manege in progress fairytale falabella menarge picture 1

Hard at work!

Glofaxi  Showing Off!
Emailice By Photographer John Dempsey - one of our Blue Pony Farm riding horses showing off
Photographer, John Dempsey

fun at blue pony farm

Come Back - Come Back I haven't said goodbye


Blue Pony Farm

Blue Pony Farm Falabellas are DNA proven, fully registered, with a fully traceable ancestry.

Stop Press: View - Blue Peter
4th April 2013

Stop Press: on foals
29th March 2013

Here in Fairytale Falabella land we get really excited about new babies.

When it happens we just can't wait to share the news but while we no longer sell our foals we are happy to help you source a suitable Falabella foal from our list of contacts.

tracy wybrow - falabellas on Blue Peter
Tracy "Fairytale falabella" Whybrow is nicely NUTS!

(read Tracy's words to find out why)

Tracy, as recently seen with 2 of her falabellas on BB1's Blue Peter is a bit of a celebrity when it comes to horses, as this extract will show you.
Sheffield Telegraph, Friday November 5th 1999.

Stop Press: Falabella Toffee as seen on Blue Peter. View Toffee's details

Blue Peter Video

if you prefer pictures:-

view images of Falabellas Toffee and Isabella on Blue Peter

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Blue Peter Video

If you prefer pictures to videos:-

view images of Falabellas Toffee and Isabella on Blue Peter

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Alternatively - view images of Falabellas Toffee and Isabella on Blue Peter

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Falabellas at Blue Peter Falabellas at Blue Peter

4th April 2013 - Falabellas Toffee and Isabella along with Tuesday, Gabi and Tracy appear on Blue Peter

View some photos.

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Tracy "Fairytale falabellas" of Blue Pony Farm turns out horses for you

Tracy has a keen eye for turn-out and to help you with this she can accommodate your tack/showing product needs. Tracy is expanding this service to include all sorts of wonderful aids and ideas to help you get the right look and the comfortable tack your horse needs. So, if you want to talk informally about any of these subjects then: Ask Tracy

Tracy is a knowledgeable source of information on things equine.

One of Tracy's talents, a hangover from her judging days, is advising on rider and horse turn out and attire.

Also, when required, Tracy will source and supply the correct kit for both the rider and horse.

Ask Tracy.

Her special expertise is of course in the Falabella breed about which she will talk for hours (if given the chance) and she is happy to make the odd guest appearance to talk about things equine, Blue Pony Farm, horse whispering and campaigning against horse cruelty!

Show more news on how Tracy might help or advise you.

Horse behaviour problems?

Horse Whispering:

From: Article from Sheffield Telegraph, Friday November 5th 1999.


"The sleek black horse whirling around Tracy Whybrow has no intention of being broken in, it seems."

A short time later:


"The mare follows her quietly, a couple of feet behind, as calm as a family Labrador"

Want to know more? Ask Tracy

Tracy is an experienced horse rider and has extensive knowledge about horse training, breeding and competing.

She is happy to provide tips to your 'how to?' horse questions.

Tracy successfully taught her 3 daughters to ride, one of whom went on to qualify their Arabian horse, Hal, for Horse of the Year Show.

Tracy is especially clued up on the Falabella breed, and knows the reputable breeders, so if you are thinking of buying a Falabella she will be happy to help source a suitable one for you.

Ask Tracy

As Tracy matures and her bones creak in the saddle she often ponders cautiously on 'who can I ride and be more comfortable'. She is reminded what its like to be a new or nervous rider and is learning to appreciate what it means to be a disabled rider; valuable insights which she is happy to talk about. Ask Tracy

Tracy also provides a 'we are looking to buy this horse, what do you think about it?' advice service.

After meeting the horse and potential rider she can provide a very useful and insightful second opinion.

Ask Tracy

In her 'other job' Tracy works with Special Needs Children. In the future she would dearly love to use her equine skills to help teach the children how to ride and how to care for a horse. There is a lot of red tape to cut through before that happens but watch this space.

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Fairytale Falabellas

At Fairytale we breed our falabella horses so that they are loving and fun to be with. They are used to children and as we usually only have 2 or 3 foals a year, they have loads of time and love put into them. Only kind and loving homes need apply for one of our babies please. We hope the memory of owning one of these wonderful family pets will stay with you for ever and we hope you enjoy your visit with us here. Please take the time to view our falabella horse galleries.

At Fairytale Falabellas we breed top 100% Falabella and Miniature horses. We aim always for good even temperament and conformation to the Falabella and Miniature horse breed specification.

Falabella Toffee Now Sold

Falabella Toffee

Toffee eating apples - Click to Read about more about me

Blue Bayou our splendid 32.5" high 100% Falabella chap.

(32.5" is 6 times the width of this picture!)

(July 2014: BB is now sold)

Limelights Blue Bayo

BB - where's my carrot! Click to Read about me

Limelights Blue Bayo

BB facing nicely Click to Read about me

Snow - one of our riding horses.


Snow Click to Read about me

Stunning Boy - one of our riding horses - sadly sold.

Stunning Boy

Stunning Boy Click to Read about me

To View our other Fairytale Falabellas

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