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Be prepared to fall in love!

Be prepared to fall in love with one of these delightful falabella horses. The biggest problem with them, I find, is that they are addictive and wanting one in every colour is a fairly common symptom!

Falabellas make wonderful pets for children and great lawnmowers for mum and dad.

Although many people buy Falabellas to show, Falabellas make wonderful pets for children. They are used in harness but very rarely as riding horses.

They can be used very successfully as lawn mowers as they are usually the size of a Great Dane dog and do not need the space most other horses and ponies require. Their 'end product' can be pretty handy for the roses too!

Falabellas are friendly and intelligent.

Falabellas enjoy being around people and are full of character. They can also make wonderful pets for those of us with disabilities, or who are older, who maybe have had horses in the past but can only cope with a lighter workload.

A bit of history

Falabellas have been developing as a breed over the last 100 years in the Argentine by the Falabella family on the Recreo de Roca
Ranch outside Buenos Aires.

There are no records of the early development
of the Falabella breed. It descended from a small Thoroughbred owned by the Falabella family that was crossed with small Shetlands. When the smallest of these first crosses were then interbred, the Falabella "shrank" even more and became the perfect miniature horse we see today.

Falabellas - Appaloosa - perfect miniature horses at 34" high (or less)

Beware of imitations!!

The Falabella can claim to be the smallest horse in the world. It is regarded as a horse as it is bred in proportion rather than, say, a miniature pony which can have shorter, stubby legs and heads. To be sure of a pure bred Falabella, the horse must have been DNA tested and the test recorded on its passport. Beware of imitations!!

Breed Problems - avoid unscrupulous breeders.

Sometimes, inbreeding causes problems and in their ever-continuing search to breed the smallest horse, some breeders have unwisely bred the smallest to the smallest despite parental conformation defects. This created poor conformation in the offspring such as heavy heads and short legs.

Height - or lack of it.

Their height (or lack of it!) is usually up to 34" although some of the taller horses can give a more pleasing "refined" Arabian appearance.

There are showing classes for different sized Falabellas.

All that and desireable colours too!

Falabellas come in many colours, while the Appaloosa markings which we at Blue Pony Farm are achieving, are very desireable.

We hope you enjoy your visit with us.

If you would like more information about our stud or would like more information on the breed please do not hesitate to contact us.

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