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  • falabella horses and fairytale miniature horses from Blue Pony Farm, Lincolnshire.

    Falabella Horses from Blue Pony Farm

    Blue Pony Farm is a 6 acre smallholding, home to the Fairytale Falabella stud. It is run by Tracy Whybrow who is helped by her Team of dedicated horse lovers. Click to view the Blue Pony Farm picture gallery

    Tracy has lived and worked with horses all of her life and is a British Horse Society trained rider and instructor. Tracy ran a BHS livery yard for many years in Derbyshire before moving to a more peaceful lifestyle in Lincolnshire.

    The Falabella Stud comprises Falabella import 29" pinto stallion Starlight Rocketman and colt Limelites Blue Bayou. Limelites Blue Bayou is by fabulous Falabella Stallion "Limelites Point Break" and out of important Falabella mare "Falabella Lady Noir". BB, as he is known, has gorgeous blue eyes and his progeny should always spot out.

    Tracy is a bit of a celebrity when it comes to horses
    as this extract will show you.
    Article from Sheffield Telegraph, Friday November 5th 1999.

    T E L E G R A P H
    L I V I N G

    Tracy of blue pony farm falabellas Tracy Whybrow looks after 20 horses, 23 cats, two dogs, a rabbit, two guinea pits, 12 fish, assorted birds and a chinchilla at her award-winning livery yard in Derbyshire.

    She found time to talk to David Bocking.

    The sleek black horse whirling around Tracy Whybrow has no intention of being broken in, it seems.

    Watching the mare hurtling around in circles, snorting, head in the air, the idea of her being meekly led away seems inconceivable.

    Tracy watches the horse carefully and after several minutes suddenly lowers her head. The horse seems to slow down a little, watching Tracy’s every move.

    Tracy crouches down on the floor and the horse slows, turns and looks at Tracy and creeps towards her, head down. Tracy touches the horse’s head and walks away.
    The mare follows her quietly, a couple of feet behind, as calm as a family Labrador. “Now she will follow me anywhere”, says Tracy. “She’s recognised that I’m the boss, the herd leader”.

    Changes at Blue Pony Farm - Manege in progress

    2 of our Falabellas in winter coat Falabellas for sale..

    Blue Pony Farm is situated in the heart of the Lincolnshire Wolds in a tiny village just off the main A15. We are easily found, why not contact us to arrange a visit so we can show you our fairytale falabellas.

    Please feel free to email us should you have any questions about our Fairytale Falabella horses.


    We are always happy to talk with like minded ethusiasts and we look forward to hearing from you.


    Thank you for visiting us.

    View the Blue Pony Farm Gallery a Blue Pony Farm Field

    'Cow' guards the JCB