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In case you would like to read about them the following couple of links are to the pages of falabella horses who have recently moved to their new homes.

Fairytale Falabella, Falabellas from Blue Pony Farm Fairytale Mystical Angel - Blaze Fairytale Falabella, Falabellas from Blue Pony Farm Fairytale Obsidian Frost - Frosty

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Who's first up on the trampoline?

Twinky dresses to match the site

'Cow' stops Frosty stealing his bed This is my bed! Keep Angel away

Happily Pickles waddles around oblivious to the notion of Easter

A bag of rags washing the floor I hate washing floors

Whats Cow waiting for....?

Work to be done and it's deserted!

Suddenly everyone notices the new Manege

What Yellow Lines?

The Food here's rotten

Sometimes it all comes together


Ready or not for a loop de loop

Twinky does a streak!

Foxy by name foxy by nature

At least my pony's fly veil matches this page!

Menaced on all fronts Animal Farm suddenly sprang to Hubby's mind

Isabella - come up and see me big boy - pintaloosa Falabella on the prowl

Having shown off Posy her foal....

Our new Manege - Deserted!

Manege completed now they all want to use it..

Are you planting carrots little angel asks?

Er - em - excuse me - ummm - can somebody......