Fairytale Midnight Blue

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Fairytale Falabellas

Welcome to Midnight Blue's page - We nicknamed him Twiggy
He's just simply gorgeous and with his execellent pedigree we expect him to spot out and become even more gorgeous.
Midnight Blue was ready to go to his new home Dec 09.

New arrival Falabella Horse Midnight     Midnight stretching his legs

Fairytale Midnight Blue...   or 'Twiggy' is: Now Sold

Twiggy was born on 24th June 2009 and by the 25th June he wanted to be everywhere at once. He is a very refined 100% Falabella colt with wonderful thorough bred looking legs - hence his nickname 'Twiggy' - and very handsome head. Twiggy has white and black striped hooves and although he is black at the moment, we do expect him to spot out in time. His eyes, 'those eye's' being half dark blue, are just like his sire, our colt Limelight's Blue Bayou
We'd better mention his mum; Twiggy's dam is none other than our gorgeous red and white pintaloosa Falabella, Crabtree Cottage Isabella. If you knew half the stories about her that we know, you will be expecting all sorts of wonderful things from our Twiggy. There are a couple of pictures of Isabella in our blue pony farm gallery. (Use the back button to return here.)
Like all our foals Twiggy is gentle, friendly, and already used to dogs, cats, geese, and our children who he follows everywhere. Very soon we expect Twiggy to saunter into the kitchen and demand his dinner. All in all this is one special foal.

Fairytale Falabellas

The Pretty Bit.

  • 100% Fairytale Falabella
  • Twiggy should spot out beautifully
  • Like his father, BB, and Mother,
  • Twiggy has a lovely head.
  • He has gorgeous thorough bred
  • looking legs.
  • He has striped black and white hooves.
  • Twiggy is beautifully put together
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The Paperwork Bit..
its a bit early yet for all that, but, the answers to the questions below are Twiggy 'Will Be'.

  • Born: 24/6/2009
  • Height: still growing, bless
  • Registered: Yes with the BFS (British Falabella Studbook)
  • Eligible for registration with IMHPS (International Miniature Horse and Pony Society)
  • DNA tested
  • Passport?: Yes with BFS
  • Vacinated: Yes
  • Microchipped?: Yes
  • Wormed. Of Course!!
  • Loved - without doubt
  • Halter trained - oh yes
  • Beautiful...Oh Yes - and growing more so daily.

A Bit of Breeding Background

To get an idea of Twiggy's wonderful 'pedigree' please read his father's page ( BB ) and about his mother, Isabella, as noted above.
Twiggy will also be halter trained. All our horses grow up in a family environment. They are used to children and as we usually only have 2 or 3 foals a year, they have loads of time and love put into them. Only kind and loving homes need apply for one of our babies please.

Enough of all that - here's a couple more picture

Fairytale Falabellas Fairytale Falabellas

Fairytale Falabella, Falabellas from Blue Pony Farm
Falabella :
Angel Dust AMHA
Now Sold

Fairytale Falabella, Falabellas from Blue Pony Farm
Falabella :
BB - Limelights Blue Bayou
Is For Sale

Fairytale Falabella, Falabellas from Blue Pony Farm
Now Sold

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