Frosty has moved to new pastures

Fairytale Obsidian Frost...   Frosty is: settled in a new home .

Frosty is a stunning black blanket spot colt. Frosty is DNA tested 100% Falabella. He is exceptionally friendly and will go to sleep in your arms. My children were gutted that Frosty was for sale but we could not keep any more boys – there isn’t the room!

Fairytale Obsidian Frost - Falabella

His Nature.

  • stunning black blanket spot colt.
  • Frosty is Extremely Friendly
  • The nearest horse you will ever get to a dog.
  • He loves fuss and attention and will make sure he gets it by following you around.
  • He will go to sleep in your arms.
  • Nothing fazes him.
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The Paperwork Bit.

  • Born:4.6.07
  • Height: Refined and small.
  • Registered: Yes
  • Passport: Yes - British Falabella Studbook
  • DNA tested - 100% Falabella

A Bit of Breeding Background

He is refined with a lovely, small, dished head like his mother who is Tequila of Mallards, a 100% pure Falabella. Tequila is elegant and ultra refined. She has an extravagant walk and showy trot and she is by tiny Argentine import stallion Falabella Andino and out of Toyland Murenita who carries blood of the famous black leopard stallion Toyland Zodiac. Frosty is by Mr Bo Jangles of Mallards.

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