Fairytale Twilight

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New arrival Fairytale Twilight cropping grass
Tiny little Twilight making friends with our welsh B 12.2hh and our Icelandic 13.3hh.

Welcome to Twilight's page

New arrival Fairytale Twilight at 12 hours old     Twilight at 12 hours old

Fairytale Twilight...   Twilight is: Now Sold -:

"FAIRYTALE TWILIGHT" our brand new colt foal. He is a pintaloosa coloured 100% Falabella which means that he has pinto patches and also the sprinkling of white hairs on his back as in an Appaloosa blanket spot. He is very refined looking, like his mum, Tequila of Mallards, who is very Arabian in appearance with a beautiful dished head which characteristic she has also passed on to her foal. He is being led by his head collar already and is very inquisitive and exceptionally friendly!  He  will be ready to leave at weaning in November. Only good homes need apply please, Homes will be checked. Contact me if you want any further details."
Twilight, has fabulous bloodlines.
Twilight's sire is Falabella Starlite Rocketman, who is 29" high and was imported in utero from Argentina ,  who is a small, good natured stallion throwing wonderful foals.

Fairytale Falabellas
Twilight at 4 Days old with mum 'Tequila
and he's already looking for the camera - what a poser!

The Pretty Bit.

  • Just like his father, Rocket,
  • Twilight has a lovely head.
  • Twilight is 100% bred Falabella.
  • Classy!
  • Twilight's Mum is Tequila of Mallards
  • who is also 100% DNA tested Falabella
  • Dad 'Rocketman' is pure Falabella
  • 'Rocketman's' foals have been
  • stunning and wildly coloured.
  • Twilight has two white socks on his
  • front legs and two white stockings
  • on his back legs.
  • Twilight is so beautifully put together.
  • Twilight has the dam's lovely dished
  • head which is of Arabian type.
  • Twilight is just so striking to look at.
  • aaaaahhhhhh.
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The Paperwork Bit..
its a bit early yet for all that, but, the answers to the questions below are Twilight 'Will Be'.

  • Born: 20/05/2009
  • Height: still growing, bless
  • Registered: Yes with the BFS (British Falabella Studbook)Can be registered with IMHPS (International Miniature Horse and Pony Society)
  • Passport?: Yes with BFS
  • DNA Tested: Yes
  • Vacinated: Yes
  • Microchipped?: Yes
  • Wormed. Of Course!!
  • Loved - without doubt
  • Halter trained - oh yes
  • Might even learn to give paw!
  • Beautiful...Oh Yes - and growing more so daily.

Fairytale Twilight

A Bit of Breeding Background

To get an idea of Twilight's wonderful 'pedigree' please read his father's page ( Rocket ). as noted above.
Twilight will also be halter trained. All our horses grow up in a family environment. They are used to children and as we usually only have 2 or 3 foals a year, they have loads of time and love put into them. Only kind and loving homes need apply for one of our babies please.

Enough of all that - here's more pictures of me

Twilight 21st May 2009  Twilight and Tequila


Fairytale Twilight

Twilight at 4 Days old


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Fairytale Falabella, Falabellas from Blue Pony Farm
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Fairytale Falabella, Falabellas from Blue Pony Farm
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